Monday, March 22, 2010

A day in the garden is always a good day

Saturday was the beginning of spring and nature really reminded us of the equinox bringing a beautiful, sunny and warm day.

The boys were gone all day, first to German school then to volleyball and I took advantage of the solitude and worked in the garden until I couldn't walk anymore. Literally! My legs, arms and back were sore, but I was very content. As you imagine, I got a lot done.

I moved all the seedlings to the greenhouse, transplanted a few tomatoes that were too big for the pot and sowed some flowers. I think I have plenty of tomatoes for me and my friends.

It is so amazing how things start growing so fast. Everything turns green and busy making new leaves and flowers.

I got this pulmonaria last year on sale. It was in bad shape but now it is ready to bloom.

I love spring bulbs but several times I had forgotten where I planted them. Later in the summer I find this nice spot and try to plant something there until I got reminded something is already there when I slice a few bulbs with the shovel. And these poor hyacinths were under rocks, thankfully I saw a green leaf poking between rocks in time and removed the rocks.

The vegetable garden is ready. I already planted leeks and lettuce and we have been eating spinach, mache and collard green, the though plants that survived the cold winter.

And I already mowed the lawn. Jens knows I don't like to mow and he asked me if I was not sad winter is over and mowing season started. Of course not! I rather mow the lawn every day than be cold and miserable!

Daffodils! Finally!

The border is taking shape. Little by little the soil is improving with lots of manure. It is not easy to tame the clay. I had to build a second wall to stop the runoff. Let's see what will come back.

Today is cold but it looks like it will not last long. It is a welcome break after the busy weekend.


Brikebrok said...

wow, spring changes !

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

What a beautiful yard!