Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tomato galore

My tomato plants are looking very good and healthy and if things keep going like that we will have lots of tomato. This year I did a few things different from last year. This is the beauty of garden, you always learn from your experience. Instead of buying seeds of hybrid tomatoes, I bought heirloom varieties. They are supposed to taste much better than the commercial ones, plus they are fun! They come in different shapes and colors and they have funny names. My favorite is 'mortgage lifter'. Back in the 30's, Mr. Byles, from West Virginia crossed several tomatoes and sold the plants for 1 dollar each. He made enough money to pay his mortgage!

Last year I didn't stake the tomatoes properly and by end of June, everything was a mess. So, this year I got several tomato cages in yard sales for about 50 cents each (one got to love yard sales!) and I got lots of bamboo stakes from the yard of my friend Crystal. This year, all the tomato plants have support and I enjoy going around removing the buds and tying them to the bamboo.

Yellow pear


Mortgage lifter

I planted long green beans against the trellis. Last year I had cucumber there and the trellis is an easy way to keep plants that need support. They need a bit help in the beginning but then they find their way up.

I have been letting the girls out of the chicken coop when I am in the garden. They love to go out to explore and scratch the ground to find yummy treats. They stay around me and when I need to go inside, I just walk behind them and they get back to their house. P.G. now doesn't bother them and they don't seem to be afraid of the dog. I am sure they are more scared of little boys...


Brikebrok said...

wow, things are growing wild in your yard ! :-)

Ana Clara said...

It just looks so beautiful. My blueberries are quite druppy, specially the ones we planted two years ago. Do you think it would be a good idea to pick out the flowers so the plants could use all the energy to grow roots, instead of punny berries?