Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Waking up after a long sleep

Wow, I haven't written in a while. I lost my motivation to keep the blog... Many things happened meanwhile. Got a full time job, developed colitis, moved to Brazil. But I think keeping a blog is nice, helps to share things with friends and family far away and keeps track of my daily and mundane activities. Sometimes I go back to the old posts and enjoy reviving the old times. No, I am not a nostalgic person, but it is always fun to see how things change over time. Or how things keeps the same...

I am still quilting!!
This is a quilt I made with nine patches my dear friend Lori gave. I thought my favorite color was green, but now I know it is orange. Orange is happy and after living in the Gator and Volunteer territory, one learn how to appreciate orange. 

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Wouter said...

Hi Gisele,
Great to see you are back. Wow, so many things happened indeed.
You moved back to Brasil?! Where exactly do you live? I had friends in FL who came from Florianopolis but have never been there.
Did Jens find a job in Brasil? Must be a big change for Gabriel too!
And I had never heard of colitis but I have you have recovered.
Please say hi to your boys!